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Ich ermutige meine Kunden immer, mir Feedback zu geben, da es mir hilft, die von mir angebotenen Dienstleistungen ständig zu verbessern und zu rationalisieren. Hier ist eine Auswahl von Kommentaren früherer Gäste. Sie können auch meine unabhängigen Online-Bewertungen auf Tripadvisor sehen.

your guidance in Berlin was excellent. There is no doubt about that, it was the highlight of our tour in Europe 12 hours of interest. you opened our eyes to see and to draw our attention to the right and the true. There were no boring minutes in your teaching, determinations, reasoning and explaining sometimes very delicate and heavy problems. I learned a lot. more than money can buy. Thanks for the experience. Let me say that, I do judge you as one of the most valuable human beings I met in my „short“ 84 years. I wish you and your family a very prosperous future and happiness.


Nirit combines an excellent grasp of Central European and Jewish history with a deep knowledge of art, architecture and literature. She is an Israeli who lives in Berlin, is a former filmmaker and is today an outstanding tour guide. She is funny, captures moments in history with ironic tidbits and whisks you to more than you could ever see on your own. As a former tour operator myself, I am an experienced evaluator of guides, and Nirit delivers the highest quality experience, making your visit fun at the same time. I look forward to a second visit to Berlin and another day with Nirit.

Phyllis Stoller

Founder, The Women’s Travel Club, and voted Top in Women’s Travel by Travel & Leisure Magazine.

I am back home in LA and I just wanted to send you a quick note of appreciation on behalf of Nancy, myself, Danny and Tali. We enjoyed the tour of Berlin you gave us in the beginning of August. You were very informative, your car was impeccable and we will definitely recommend you to anyone heading your way.

Thank you again for making Berlin so interesting, you are the best!


A day in Berlin with Nirit Ben Joseph is the ideal introduction to the complicated often conflicting world of historic and contemporary Germany. Nirit picks you up in her spotless van, and guides you through the Enlightenment, the glory of 19c Germany, the downward spiral of the Nazi era , the post war division then recovery and brings you to today. The most unforgettable part of her tour comes with the explanation of Germany today, which she illustrates through visits to memorials, Jewish sites and the fabulously rebuilt modern areas.


Our interest was in Jewish Germany and we had told Nirit that at the beginning of the tour. Nirit took us to formerly Jewish neighborhoods, showing us memorials as small as 9 brass pavement pieces in front of a home whose 9 Jewish residents had been murdered. And as large as the full block memorial with its concrete jungle of tombs. She explained over our 6 hours with her how the many monuments constructed in modern times tied into contemporary German mentality.

John & Anne

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